How to impress a Thai girl

How to impress a Thai girl

Being a farang and newly arrived on Bangkok I was of course not quite up to speed with the local customs, also having been at altitude for 8 hours I was pretty dehydrated and had a dry throat.

We were chatting up a couple girls in Nana when I got this itch my nose, so I rubbed it hard with the back of my hand and then sniffed – you know, like you do! I had obviously dislodged something significant because it stuck to the back of my throat like a cow pat thrown at a brick wall. The girls must have thought something was up because my eyes filled with tears – perhaps they thought it was farang lust. I stopped the chat and did a quick hack into my right hand and sneaked a quick look – magnificent ! ! A hard, flat, slightly moist bogey the size of your little finger nail. I thought I would deal with it later, but my friend decided we were off and before I knew what was happening I had shaken hands and we parted company – and I no longer had the bogey.

I’m sure they were well impressed!. (now I know why they wai ! )
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